She is an artist and designer working on the border of textile art and design. Her characteristic feature is non-standard approach to carpets, which she treats as objects stimulating the user’s imagination. The main goal of her work is to enrich the objects of mass culture with values from the field of textile art.


She studied at the Department of Textile Art and Fashion Design of the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. She graduated with honours in 2002. Three times she received grants from Minister of Culture and National Heritage. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, among others, in Eindhoven, Bucharest, Jakarta, Frankfurt am Main, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Cracow, London, Lodz, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Peking, Poznan, Rio de Janeiro, Riga, Seoul, Istanbul, Warsaw, Vilnius. She has won numerous awards and honourable mentions. Her works are in the collections of, among others, the National Museum in Warsaw, the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga and the Central
Museum of Textiles in Lodz.


Since 2003 she has been cooperating with the industry. Currently she is the main designer of Dywilan, the producer of woolen machine-woven carpets. Her collections of classic carpets are allocated for mass production.


She started her design studio in 2004. She cooperates with cultural institutions, design galleries and interior designers. She creates unique fabrics, alternative carpets and decorative interior items.


Her collections originate from the combination of innovative forms, natural matter and traditional weaving techniques. Interactive puzzle-carpets help children's activity and contribute to developing motility during creative games. All her products are handcraft.


The delicate soft woolen felt provides pleasant touching sensations and warms the surrounding space. The modularity of the designs allows for individual color solutions, the choice of shape and size of the carpets as well as the possibility of replacing individual elements and prompt repair in case of fabric damage.

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